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Save yourself the frequent trips to the supermarket, just to pick up milk. Getting Alfa Foods products delivered to your doorstep is only a few clicks away.

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Giving up dairy does not have to mean giving up the foods you love. Check out our great recipes and list of tips and tricks for cooking with Alfa Foods products.

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About Us

Our aim is to provide Kiwi’s with a delicious, healthy, and affordable alternative to cow’s milk. Not sure if Alfa Foods are right for you? Read more about our products.

About Us

Why Choose Alfafoods?

  • Alfafoods have the same taste and texture as milk, but are low in allergens and mucins
  • All our substitutes are completely gluten free and only contain trace amounts of cholesterol.
  • They contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.
  • All our products come in powder form, meaning they keep for years and can be made up as you need.
  • It costs no more than cow’s milk and are much more affordable than other milk alternatives.
  • Our alternatives are both delicious and nutritious, so the whole family will love them.

Sample Alfalite for only $1.00 *

AlfaLite has less than one half the lactose sugars of ordinary dairy milk, and none of the large casein proteins, so many people diagnosed with lactose or casein-intolerance can enjoy it without ill effects. Organise a sample and find out if Alfalite is right for you.

* Please note that the price excludes shipping costs.

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