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305, 2015

Rhubarb Fool (any stewed fruit is suitable)

By | May 3rd, 2015|Comments Off on Rhubarb Fool (any stewed fruit is suitable)

Ingredients: 300ml AlfaLite Plain 1tbsp custard powder 4 tbsp Kreem powder Stewed sweetened rhubarb or fruit of your choice Directions: Bring the AlfaLite to the boil and add the custard powder (mix according to the [...]

1509, 2014


By | September 15th, 2014|Comments Off on Moccachino

Ingredients: 1 tsp. Nescafe or other instant coffee I heaped tsp. Alfa Foods Chocolate powder 3 tsp. AlfaLite plain powder 1 tbsp. cold water Boiling water Direction: Mix coffee and chocolate to a runny paste [...]

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